Top 3 Truly Free Password Managers in 2021

Bitwarden Free Password Manager
Bitwarden Free Password Manager (Image: Bitwarden website)

We previously wrote an article on the top 3 best password managers where we mainly focused on feature-rich premium software even if that required a monthly fee. But now in this article we would solely focus on free password managers.

There are a lot of password management software currently in the market. Almost all of them claim to be free. But that is not true. In most cases, they offer a free trial for a week or two, or they have a free version with such limitations which make them almost unusable in the long run.

Though you don’t expect all those fancy features like dark-web monitoring or password sharing from a free version of a password manager, there must be the essential core features like unlimited password storage, a secure and strong password generator, login auto fills, web form fills, two-factor authentication (TFA) and syncing across various device types. And keeping these features in mind, we have sorted out the following list of truly free password managers.

So, What are the Best 3 Free Password Managers?

1. Bitwarden

As we already mentioned in our previous article linked above, Bitwarden is our definite choice for the best free password manager. Earlier Lastpass occupied this spot for many years. But in March 2021, with Lastpass limiting free users to only one device type (computer or mobile), loads of users migrated from Lastpass to Bitwarden. And after testing and researching a lot of available software, we can assure you this is the best one available for free.

Bitwarden has all the above-mentioned core features and all that for free. it has a web vault, common browser extensions, Android and iOS apps. The icing on the cake? Bitwarden is open-source. Well-known publications like CNet and The Verge have also named Bitwarden as the best free password manager.

 2. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is another truly free password manager we found out. It has all essential features like unlimited password storage, access from computers, tablets and mobiles, auto logins, two factor authentication and strong password generator. It also has mobile apps as well as browser extensions. Zoho vault integrates with other Zoho apps like Zoho mail, project etc. if you already use those. The only issue seems to be its password generator buried under sub-menus.

3. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is a trusted choice for a free password manager and it also has all the core features available just like Bitwarden and Zoho Vault. It also has ‘syncing across devices’ feature with all major browser extensions and mobile apps. But the only downside is that LogMeOnce shows ads on its mobile apps for the free plan.

So, now you know the top three free password managers out there. Are they completely free? Yes, their free plans are completely free and usable without any catch. But they also offer premium plans if you choose to use the extra features on offer which we think most users can do without.

More Choices?

You want some more choices? Norton Password Manager is one such name. Lastpass is another very good choice, but it now has the limitation of one device type. Other great names such as Dashlane, Roboform, Keeper Password Manager, True Key, 1Password etc. have very limited free versions (limited password storage, no syncing across devices etc.) which are not suitable for long-term use. Those are only great with their paid plans.